When you think you’ve done enough to only find out you’ve got more to do!

A Saturday training session.

Ollie and I managed to go for 26k walk within 6 hours stretching from our home town to Hangman’s Hill near Lynton and back.

It was a hot and hard walk sadly served with a big punch of reality.

The Three Peaks in Yorkshire (day four) is just undated 42k and needs to be completed within 12 hours!


The training is an important part of the expedition, it has. Given us a chance to review our aging kit, boots and yesterday realize we need to pack sun tan cream. We met a few holiday makers walking along the coastal path, they certainly double take when they see my white cane.

Picture taken from the top of Hangman looking out over North Devon.

You cannot beat a selfie, picture taken at the Saw Mills pub near Berrynarbor. Definitely worth a stop and rest place..


I’m looking at attempting other big walks and would welcome support, if your training for your own “Epic Expedition” please contact me with dates.


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